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Updated: 16-AUG-2023

The Pere Marquette HO Modelers' Reference Guide ( Updated August 16, 2023) - This document is a thirty-page list of HO models released over the years that are appropriate for modeling PM equipment, or just have been released in PM paint and lettering. This work-in-progress is basically a set of reference notes, and the format reflects that. This is the list that Fritz Milhaupt offered through the mail and at train shows for the past two decades.

Pere Marquette Customers Guide (Updated August 5, 2011) - The Operations Special Interest Group (OpSIG) has, for many years now, offered listings of businesses served by railroads around the nation as part of its web site. Model railroaders interested in creating realistic waybills to use when operating their layouts could download this information to come up with points of origin and destinations for the freight cars that traversed their model railroads.

Back in 2005, we sent the OpSIG a set of additions to their lists, based on a couple of 1941 PM Sales Department documents. This consisted of over 2,500 entries for customers in Michigan, Ontario, Ohio and Indiana. Due to the sudden passing of the OpSIG member who was managing the project at the time, and the challenges of running specialized projects part-time in a volunteer organization that has been growing rapidly, these updates have not yet been incorporated into the OpSIG's master lists. Until they are, we offer the updates that were sent to the OpSIG here, in the same format that the OpSIG was using, and an easy-to-read Adobe Acrobat document.

This list doubtless contains duplicates of entries already in the existing OpSig list, as that list already contains the contents of a 1950 C&O shipper list. This list also contains shippers and receivers that are located in towns served by other railroads as well, that the PM could approach to be included in the routing of their cars. There are many towns for which it does not yet contain all of the entries published by the PM, as the records for these towns have not yet been scanned and converted. Grand Rapids is one such town.

The customer list is available here in two formats:


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